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Watch This Stray Cat Transform Before Your Eyes When She's Adopted

Hetty the cat was lucky that she was meowing just loud enough to catch Peter's attention.

He found her stranded, sitting on a wall beside a drainage ditch. She was so small, she could use a bottle cap as a water bowl. Who knows what happened to her or how long she'd been there, but the poor thing must have been awfully tired, because she fell asleep right in Peter's arms.

From then on, Peter and Hetty were happily stuck together. He took her to the hospital, cleaned her up, and took her back to a loving home.

Now she doesn't look a thing like the skinny kitten Peter found months earlier. It just goes to show how much love can change us for the better. See Hetty and Peter's whole adventure yourself in this video:

And Hetty isn't the only little critter that Peter has looked after. Last month, he saved a nest full of baby squirrels who were stuck outside in hurricane force winds.

Hetty helped him nurse the little guys until they were strong enough to go back outside, and Peter got their touching reunion with their mother on tape. Peter should really consider becoming a vet, because he has a talent for saving animals.

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