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Watch: Faith Hill's Young Fan Asks To Sing A Duet With Her, And It's Incredible

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Hill and McGraw made Christmas special for lucky families in Florida last year, paying off $5,000 in layaway bills.

Right now, the country music power-couple are on their third Soul2Soul tour together, performing across America and making incredible memories for their fans.

At a recent stop in New Orleans, they even revealed the gender of an audience member's baby:

The pair seem like they'll keep on rocking forever. They're both turning 50 during this tour, but they're still just as talented as they were when they first met.

Hill was the opening act on McGraw's Spontaneous Combustion tour in 1996, and the couple have been together ever since.

So what's their secret to keeping their relationship fresh after all these years?

“Look, there is no secret," Hill told Fox News.

"Either you like one another or you don’t. You want to stay married or you don’t. You work at it, or you don’t. Simple as that. It is not always easy and there are moments that are rocky.

"I would rather live a life in rocky road ice cream than vanilla any day of the week."

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