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10 Kitchen Hacks To Make You Seem Like The Smartest

We waste so much food that sometimes we don't even notice it's happening. A lot of times, we just chalk things up to being 'the way life goes' when things go stale and just end up throwing them out.

Everyone has their own little tips and tricks. And there's always ways to help prevent food waste. It doesn't have to mean a big waste. It could be as simple as getting the last bit of mayonnaise out of the jar.

Check out these awesome food hacks to help prevent food waste in the kitchen. They may be small, but these tips are super simple and something everyone can do!

1. Keep an apple in with your potatoes to stop them from sprouting!

2. Microwave stale tortilla chips in a dish towel to bring back their crunch

3. Sauté old pasta instead of microwaving it

4. Freeze leftover pasta if you don't think you'll be eating it within a week

5. When your mayo jar is pretty much empty add oil, vinegar, and herbs and shake. Salad dressing!

6. Add warm milk to a near-empty Nutella jar for a yummy drink

7. Store peanut butter upside down so the oils stay even distributed!

8. Freeze wine for cooking in an ice cube tray so that you don't have to open new bottles each time

9. Put a piece of bread on top of your brown sugar to stop it from clumping

10. Cut up your leftover french fries and use them in an omelette

What are some of your favorite kitchen hacks? Let us know!

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