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10 Ways To Tie A Scarf With Style

The simplest way to add a punch of color to any wardrobe is with a scarf. Take a neutral sweater up a notch with a punch of color and a splash of pattern.

Easily the most functional fashion accessory, a scarf does double duty - style enhancer and neck warmer. Invest in a blanket-scarf and you've got a light vest, shawl, lap-blanket and scarf.

Try out these 10 ways to tie every kind of scarf, from slim silk to chunky knit!

Pashmina Scarf

The Pashmina is a light fabric, usually made from goat's wool. Originally from Kashmir, the word Pashmina means "made from wool" or "soft gold." They come in beautifully spun patterns and color pallets to suit every outfit and style.

Made 2 Style has a simple tutorial for tying your Pashmina:

This look is great for keeping your scarf close to the body and blocking out any cool breezes that get through your jacket. has a whole series of beautiful ways to wear a scarf. If you want to show off the pattern of your Pashmina, try the Allure:

If you've got a solid colored scarf, try The Weave by

Infinity Scarf

This is a long loop of fabric in many colors, sizes and patterns. One of the benefits of an infinity scarf is that the extra fabric adds extra warmth!

Try the Twist by Pashmina Cachemire

If you have an extra thick infinity scarf, why not wear it as a wrap vest?

You can find the pattern for this beautiful knitted one at Let's Knit.

Blanket Scarf

These are fabulous for the cooler weather and great for layering over dresses as a shawl, wrapping around turtlenecks as a vest or draping around your shoulders like a casual poncho.

Glicks suggests tying it up like a flyaway vest:

Drape it over your shoulders and slip it through a belt for a cozy sweater look:

We love the combination of this colorful plaid blanket scarf with this neutral striped top featured on Sunny Days, Starry Nights.

Try this classic wrap around the neck. There is something so comforting about being snugly with something cozy around your neck and the blanket scarf is perfect for it!

The Silk Scarf

Silk scarfs have been around for a long time - in fact, we're still drawing inspiration from the 1920s!

If you have a square scarf, try the Chic Bunny look from Princess Foulard.

Lollipuff has plenty of great ideas for wearing your colorful silks, try this look with a scarf ring for a little extra bling:

Try these out and let us know which ones are your favorites! Don't forget to Like & Share!

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