We Can't All Have Perfect Skin - But We Can Fake It!

Having perfect skin sometimes feels like a full time job. You end up spending so much time and energy washing, toning, moisturizing and apply serums that you never end up going anywhere. Instead of spending all your time fighting the few imperfections you might have, why not use a few easy tricks to hide them? That way even if you miss one of the six steps in your nightly routine you don't need to worry about it.

Start with perfect pores

Step one to faking your perfect skin is to use a pore minimizing primer before anything else.

Hide acne with green concealer

Sometimes no matter how hard you try, those darn pimples just keep popping up. While it isn't recommended to use concealer over a pimple all the time, when you have a special occasion or that big meeting at work you sometimes need that emergency concealer. Makeup companies have started to create products for every different need and using the color wheel as a guide. The opposite of red is green, so to neutralize the redness of the acne blend a green concealer in under your regular foundation. Make sure you clean it off well after so it can heal over night!

Use triangles to cover under eye circles and pretend you had a decent night sleep

If you use this technique the concealer will be able to better blend into your skin and trick everyone into thinking you weren't up late accidentally binge watching Netflix.


Choose the right color to conceal the problems

As we said, makeup companies have started to make palettes for targeted concealing. Each tone has a specific purpose that will work on different skin tones. Luckily there is a palette in every price range so you can look good no matter how much you want to spend. The Dumb Belle has a really good tutorial and product list.

Put some life in your face with highlighter

Use highlighter on the bridge of your nose, in the arch of your brow and in a "C" above your cheekbones. Your face will be glowing from every angle and no one has to know you aren't just glowing on the inside!

Blend, blend, blend..


Your little beauty blender will become you best friend - especially once you have used all the different color concealers to hide all your trouble spots. Blending it in gently with a damp beauty blender will make sure you end up with an even complexion that no one will suspect is all a clever ruse.

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