We Got A New Flavor Of Chocolate For The First Time In 80 Years, And It's Targeting Millennials

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Dark, white, or milk chocolate? Which is your favorite? I know, I know. White chocolate isn't really chocolate. But let's just pretend okay?

Personally, I love the bitter aftertaste of a good dark chocolate, especially on a sweet strawberry!

However, the need to cover fruit in chocolate may be over after the newest discovery. A new type of cocoa bean was found off the Ivory Coast, Ecuador, and Brazil.

"It’s natural, it’s colorful, it’s hedonistic, there’s an indulgence aspect to it, but it keeps the authenticity of chocolate," Antoine de Saint-Affrique, the CEO of Barry Callebaut AG, the world's largest cocoa processor, said in a telephone interview. "It has a nice balance that speaks a lot to millennials."

Ready to see what the new chocolate is? And why it's being marketed to millennials?

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