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"We Gotta Save Them!" Hilarious Girl Cries Over Drowning Fish While She Comes Off Of Anesthesia

It seems like it's a parents right to video their child when they are coming down off of anesthetic. They have to put up with so much, so why not get a little hilarious clip of them saying something ridiculous?  

This poor girl is the star of the latest medical after-math video because she made some hilariously goofy statements while she recovered from a dental procedure. She was crying while she stared into the fish tank, so her parents ask her what's wrong. Her answer is pretty priceless, she was so upset because "it's drowning". It seems like no matter how much her mom tries to explain that the fish definitely are NOT drowning, she doesn't seem to get it.

It's pretty funny to see just where a mind will go when its coming off of those powerful drugs! Check it out!

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