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Weight Watchers In Trouble After Recent Campaign Suggests Overweight Woman Don't Enjoy Getting Intimate

The popular weight loss company Weight Watchers usually tries to encourage people to lose weight for health reasons by making small and simple choices that will be healthier. This time, they maybe have taken a misstep with their "Weight Watchers Black" campaign. The company had launched the ads for their Australian and New Zealand markets, but they already plan to discontinue their use because of the backlash when it was found to be extremely offensive. The ads suggest that women who are overweight do not enjoy having sex until they lose weight.

They even sent out "mood lighting" to people as a promotional technique that said "we hope it helps you start seeing yourself in a new light".

But this little piece of marketing was just the tip of the iceberg. They released a commercial that features women talking about how uncomfortable they are in their own bodies and how they can't have sex or don't enjoy sex. It all gets a little bit confusing when the ad has the same women - now having used weight watchers - say it is all about loving yourself and not about what you weigh.

Weight Watchers has been quick to cancel the campaign, realizing that while their message of being able to love who you are is good, the way they executed it was horribly flawed.

The campaign was developed by Weight Watchers Australia for that market only and was intended to generate conversation around a topic that had surfaced among its members. The goal was to dispel the notion that people are alone in feeling this way and to shift the conversation from one of shame and negative self-talk to one of body positivity and empowerment. That said, we recognize that the teaser campaign fell flat and that the execution did not make that message clear, and the campaign has been discontinued. - Weight Watchers spokesperson

What do you think of the ad? Is it as bad as people are saying or do you think it meant well?

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