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Wendy's Burned This Customer So Hard He Deleted His Twitter Account

I always love a good Twitter smack-down. Especially when it comes from big corporations. And boy, lemme tell ya. 2017 is already off to a great start.

On Monday, fast food giant Wendy's posted a picture about how they only use fresh beef. That's their slogan, isn't it? "Always fresh, never frozen."

But one Twitter user seemed to disagree with their claim, and made his opinion very vocal. Twitter user @NHRide came at Wendy's hard, I guess hoping to somehow cause the demise of the entire corporation in a single tweet. But his plan back fired preeeeetty fast.

@NHride didn't stop there, however. He still wanted to get the last word. But it would not happen.

Turns out @NHride was so embarrassed (we're assuming) by his lack of knowledge about standard kitchen appliances, he deleted his Twitter account entirely.

Now I know what you're thinking: is this really news? The answer is no. It's not NEWS. But if you can't laugh at the little things in life, what can you laugh at? This just shows that internet bullying, regardless of the victim, makes you look like a loser.

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