Man Arrested After Trying To "Destroy The Internet" To Avoid Embarrassing Photos of Him Being Posted

We've all been there. Someone takes an embarrassing photo of you and you contemplate moving to Antarctica because you just know that person is going to post it on every social media platform.

This guy in China took it to the next level, though. He went to a local square dance near him and had a great time. What he didn't realize, apparently, is that pictures exist. He got really upset after his photo was taken because to him, square dancing is an activity mostly enjoyed by older women. The guy thought he was being mocked and kinda went off the rails a bit.

The man left the square dance and tried to actual destroy the entire internet. Except obviously that's not a thing you can do. He ended up dismantling the local optics networks, which cuts out the internet signal but doesn't stop it from existing. Give him credit for trying though.

Sucks for the guy though, seeing as his unsuccessful attempt at cutting the world's communication network down is actually a crime. He was arrested for causing about $15,000 USD in damage. As for the pictures, authorities say they haven't seen any yet. But they did mention there were a lot of photos and videos of other Chinese men dancing. And these guys didn't seem too broken up about it.

No word yet on whether or not he'll be back for next week's dance session.

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