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What Do Your Feet Say About You?

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The way our bodies are uniquely designed says a lot about our heritage and upbringing.

Whether you spend a lot of time working in the sun or if your family has a history of osteoporosis it can be expressed in various ways throughout our bodies. From wrinkles in your face to your general posture there usually is an explanation of your behavior.

Much like our hands, our feet have a story to tell of our lives and even our personalities.

From the width of your feet to the size of your toes, you can learn a lot about yourself by looking down.

See what your feet say about you.


What is your foot shape?

If you have wide feet, you are seen as a hard worker who is always on the go. Your feet are planted firmly on the ground and you have trouble sitting still. Make sure you take time to stop and think, because your busy nature makes it hard for reflection.

Those who have narrow feet prefer to delegate work to others, and know how to enjoy the finer things in life. You like nothing more than being pampered. You also have a strong aesthetic sense and need beauty in your surroundings.


Do you have flat feet? This means you're a realist who enjoys being around other people. You're also fairly extroverted and enjoy having a good time. You also like to ensure that those around you are having fun as well.

High arches indicate that you are an independent, intellectual, and a bit of a dreamer.  You require time on your own and may even be accused of being anti-social at times. It's also said that those with very high arches are in danger of being brittle and rigid.


Do you look down and wonder why your feet are so big? It means you are a decisive leader who can deal with all kinds of obstacles.

Smaller feet mean that you're mature and wise, but you have a tendency to be jealous at times.

Find out what your toes say about you on the next page.

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