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What Is Your "Eating Personality," And How Can It Help You Stay Fit?

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We've all know a friend who's a picky eater, a binge eater, or a serial dieter, but the truth is everyone has their own eating quirks.

Some people can polish off a whole pizza by themselves, while others will only nibble on snacks throughout the day. According to Dr. Mike Dow, a psychotherapist who specializes in eating habits, your unique tastes are connected to your eating personality.

There are 3 different kinds of eaters: passionate, emotional, and habitual. If you learn which category fits you best, you can train yourself to eat healthier without even realizing it.

Take this 3-question quiz to find out which personality type you are:

1. What is your main motivation for eating?

A. The way food tastes. B. The way food makes me feel. C. Because I'm hungry.

2. In which of these situations are you most likely to eat?

A. There's something delicious in front of me. B. I'm upset or stressed out. C. It's been a few hours since my last meal.

3. What best describes your approach to pizza?

A. I always try new toppings. B. I like it cheap, and always have it delivered. C. I enjoy a slice, usually from the same place.

So what do your answers say about you?

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