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What They Found In Her Home Was Sickening

I know new kittens from pet stores are cute and all. But have you ever stopped to wonder where they had to come from?

Kittens, like puppies, often are sourced from pet mills which are extremely inhumane.

Joseph's Legacy, a rescue organization based in Ohio, came across an unthinkable kitten mill and what they found was gut-wrenching.

A woman was keeping 17 Persian cats in her home and they were kept in terrible conditions. The room the cats were in was, at most, 8ft by 8ft. They were stuck in dog kennels stacked on top of each other. Each cat was flea ridden with matted fur all over. The smell in the room was nauseating.

The woman had reached out to a neighbor, confiding in them about what she was doing in her home. She said that if the cats were to go to loving homes, she would give them up. No one really knows why she had a change of heart, but we're thankful she did.

"We are still hashing out some details as we have gotten different stories on how the cats came to be with the woman who surrendered them to us and why she surrendered them," a representative with Joseph's Legacy said.

All the cats were rescued and taken to a vet. They all needed emergency medical treatment. The oldest cat, who was 15 years old, would need multiple surgeries to survive. Unfortunately, vets deemed she was not well enough for the surgeries and she was put down.

"She was severely emaciated, had abscessed wounds, worms, fleas and needed surgery. She was not able to go through any treatment in her condition. We are devastated by her loss," Joseph's Legacy wrote on its Facebook page.

The cats hadn't felt human touch in years. They had been forced to stay in their cages and breed, living in solitude. But the good people at Joseph's legacy made sure they were all taken care of.

The 16 remaining cats are all healing and looking for new homes. It will take some time before they are fully ready to be adopted, but what matters now is they are safe and warm.

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