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What This 76-Year-Old Veteran Does For His Community Is Truly Heartwarming

This kind veteran has a hobby that not a lot of people would want to do. For the last 22 years he has been going out of his way to feed almost 70 stray cats in his area as well as get them spayed and neutered so the population doesn't grow.

This 76-year-old scrap metal worker hasn't missed a single day of these cat's feeding schedule, and they are obviously very appreciative of his care.

Everyday he heads out at 6 am with cat food and sardines to check on the cats. Obviously he can't bring all 70 home with them, but he always keeps an eye on their heath to make sure they are all okay.

He started feeding them after he noticed a group of people ignoring a small kitten that was clearly hungry and he hasn't stopped since.

Someone even created a donation page where people can contribute to help him take care of these little babies. There are 16 colonies of cats he visits each day, all of which are constantly changing over time so any help is happily accepted.

This man is so generous with his time and money to the sweet stray cats!

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