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What This Stranger Did For New Moms Surprised A Lot Of People

Being a new mom is pretty scary.

You've got so many new things to worry about and sometimes the more trivial things slip through the cracks. Unfortunately, sometimes that "trivial" thing is diapers and wipes. I'm sure we've all been there. You head to the bathroom in a public place to change your baby, but then you realize you've totally forgotten them at home! What a disaster.

One lady has taken it upon herself to help, though.

Christina Causland says she was shopping at a local HomeGoods store when she saw the most wonderful note left by a stranger on the changing table.

"I once found myself in this exact same spot with a newborn with a crazy blowout and NO DIAPERS or WIPES. An unmitigated disaster, that was! Just in case you have found yourself in the same sort of pickle, I brought in some wipes and diapers to save the day. Good luck out there! Happy Holidays! — Sarah"

What an amazing gesture by a total stranger!! This lady knows how stressful it can be, and she's doing her part to help out. This is a great idea for people to do all over, especially around the holidays when things are twice as crazy!

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