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What Was the Most Popular Barbie Doll the Year You Were Born?

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Like us, Barbie has changed over the years. From eyeliner of the 1960's to 1980's hair, she has been in tune with every trend each of the decades has had to offer.

The pressure to stay relevant as children turn more to technology for fun, Mattel has changed the doll's style from hair colors, to eyes, and body types to keep up with the changing toy scene.

So what was popular the year you were born? From colorful clothes to crimped hair, Barbie managed to stay on top of all the popular trends year after year.

Barbie was the brainchild of Ruth Handler, who co-founded Mattel in her garage with her husband Elliot Handler. The tiny waist, slim hipped and large busted doll first debuted at the New York Toy Fair in 1959. It was a hit selling 300,000 dolls in its debut year.

1959- Barbie makes her official debut in a one-piece, as Teenage Fashion Barbie.

In the 60's Barbie got a new hairstyle, and a new boyfriend. Ken, a doll with "molded" plastic hair and clad red swimming trunks was introduced to the Barbie scene. Barbie and Ken would go on to date for 43 years before taking a brief break in 2004, to then get back together in 2011.

In 1960, Mattel also became a publicly traded company.

1960- A sassy hat and her portfolio, Fashion Designer Barbie hits the scene.

1961- Barbie Solo In The Spotlight has become one of the more glamorous dolls ever.

1962- Barbie Red Flair debuts a new hairdo: an on-trend bubble style with volume that will rival her future '80s looks.

1963- Barbie was showing off her Career Girl look and her stylish office life. Back then there were no casual Fridays or causal any days.

1964- Barbie shows through the years that the little black dress never goes out of style.

1965- This out-of-this-world Barbie shows off her Astronaut career this year.

1966- Color Magic Barbie is fashionable in a romper with bold hues.

1967- Barbie Twist N Turn experiments with bangs during this era, as most of us did.

1968: Talking Barbie practically comes to life when you pull the string on her back to allow her to speak.

1969- Barbie's new friend Christie is introduced with a '60 swirling print cover up.

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