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What Your Dog Is Trying To Say With Its Tail

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Like many pet owners and animal lovers, I grew up misunderstanding dog tail positions and what they truly meant. As a kid, I assumed that when a dog's tail was wagging he was friendly, playful and happy to see me.

Thankfully with the help of my parents I learned to exercise caution when approaching strange animals. They taught me to keep my distance and give the animal space until we were sure that they wanted to play.

Learning and understanding dog tail position and what they meant gives us a greater understanding on how to communicate with our furry friends and a good glimpse into what they're feeling.

When their tails aren't wagging, they can be find in 3 different positions: Up High, Horizontal to the Ground and Down / Between Hind Legs.

Find out which each of these positions mean and how you should be treating a dog that is showing them.

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