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Wheel Of Fortune Contestant's Guesses Left Pat Sajack Totally Confused But The Reason Will Warm Your Heart

Pat Sajack was completely confused when one of the contestants on Wheel of Fortune started guessing really weird options. Usually for the final round, contestants will guess the more common letters like "S" or "R", but Nura started her guesses with the letter "Z".

Pat didn't even think he heard her right! He asked her "Say that again for me? Did you say Z?" which she replied "As in Zulu, Z" so they checked the board and there were none. This continued through the round, unusual guess after unusual guess.

Ironically, the category was called "What are you doing?" which seems like the question going through all the contestant's heads as she continued her guesses with "Q" and "X" and let her time run out a few times.

Pat asked her at the end of the round why she did that, but she simply answered "That's what I saw" but he was not convinced.

It became clear after the fact that she had thrown the round on purpose to help out her fellow contestant. All three contestants were veterans. Nura knew she had a solid lead - even if she lost this round - and wanted to share the wealth so that everyone would go home with money.

People were pretty impressed with her generous actions!

Check out the round below! It's pretty clear she had it planned out. What a generous person!

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