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When A Man Proposed To His Girlfriend, He Had A Ring For Her Sister Too

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A marriage proposal usually involves the guy getting down on one knee with a diamond ring, but it was a little different when 25-year-old Will Seaton asked 23-year-old Ashley Schaus to marry him.

Ashley grew up in Santa Claus, Indiana, with her sister Hannah, who has Down Syndrome. From the day of her sister's birth, Ashley made Hannah a big part of her life. Ashley's parents told her Hannah would always need her sister's protection and patience. Since then, Ashley has been Hannah's closest friend. She's always ready to help Hannah with homework, have sleepovers, and take vacations with her sister.

“Growing up with Hannah having special needs I’ve realized that she might not get to experience some of the things that I get to experience and I want her to enjoy those things in her own way as well," Ashley said.

In 2010, Ashley met Will Seaton at a car show, and the two began dating. Before committing to a serious relationship, Ashley decided Hannah would not take a back seat in her life. In order to date her, Ashley told Will he had to accept Hannah first.  

“She has Down syndrome and diabetes, and I look after her and protect her,” Ashley said. “To be with me, you must accept her and love her as well.”

Ashley's new boyfriend wasted no time becoming best of friends with Hannah. The couple included Hannah on many of their dates and Will would often take her fishing with him.

“He takes me fishing and makes funny jokes. He makes me laugh and takes care of me,” Hannah told ABC News.

“Will and Hannah’s relationship reminds me a lot of my big brother and a little sister," Ashley said. "Will is very protective of Hannah make sure she has what she needs."

One day, Will decided to ask Ashley to marry him, but he had a question to ask Hannah first...

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