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When Doctors Saw It, They Rushed Her Into Emergency Surgery

Warning: Images in this article may disturb some reader

When 17-year-old Komal from India stopped eating and drinking, her parents were concerned. But, when she stopped walking, they rushed her to the hospital.

When doctors questioned her, she complained of severe stomach aches and told them that she had completely lost her appetite.

Every time she ate, she would vomit, but no one knew why. After some investigation, the doctors at Shree Hospital in Pune, Western India, discovered the alarming cause.

Komal had trichophagia, or Rapunzel syndrome. She had been pulling out her own hair and eating it for the past 5 years. Over time, it had spun itself into a 2 lb mass in her stomach.

Doctors rushed her to emergency surgery where they spent an hour and a half removing the 17 inch mass.

Komal's shocked parents agreed to bring her to a psychologist for counselling to help her overcome the rare condition.

Dr Shreehari Dhole-Patil, the surgeon who performed the operation (centre) quizzed Komal over her hair-eating habit.

You can see the extraction in a video here:

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