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When One Goldfish Got Sick, The Other Helped Keep Him Alive

We've all heard stories about animals helping each other out when they're in a jam, but they're usually about cats and dogs, not fish.

But this story is really heart-warming, and it's all about one little goldfish who refused to give up on his friend.

Last summer, Hitoshi Takeda from Hokkaido, Japan bought a pair of goldfish. By November, the black goldfish had stopped moving. It wasn't dead, it just stayed still, down near the bottom of the tank.

Takeda noticed that whenever he would feed the pair, the healthier orange goldfish would push his sick friend up to the surface for food. This wasn't a one-time occurrence either. This sweet little fish pushed his friend to the top every feeding time, and Takeda was even able to get it on video.

The video's description says experts at the Sunpiazza Aquarium in Japan had never heard of such behavior. This goldfish must just have an extra big heart.

There's no word on whether the black goldfish is feeling better, but we bet he was grateful to have such a good friend looking after him.

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