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When She Hears That Her Baby Brother Needs A Helmet, Big Sister's Sweet Idea Makes Her Parents Proud

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TODAY / Shayna Gutierrez

Baby Jonas Gutierrez was forced to wear a helmet when doctors diagnosed him with brachycephaly, or flat head syndrome.

In order to correct his condition, doctors told his parents that their 4-month-old would have to wear a helmet for 3 to 6 months. The little boy was born with a head in the 99th percentile for size.

Baby Jonas was diagnosed with asever brachycephaly, the back of his skull was flattened in the womb and was made worse by his sleeping on the affected side.Shayna Gutierrez / TODAY

While most babies are born with loose skull plates, they usually fuse correctly within a few weeks after birth. Baby Jonas' head, on the other hand, had developed a flat spot. To make it worse, the little guy insisted on sleeping on it.

"His head grew so rapidly that it had started actually pushing his head out to the sides," his mom, Shayna Gutierrez, told TODAY. "It is even affecting his face shape and could distort his features if left untreated."

Thankfully, it only takes an adorable little helmet to fix Jonas' condition.

When their parents explained to Jonas' big sister that her little brother would be wearing a helmet for a while, she knew exactly what to do.

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