When This Angry Teen Slams His Door In A Fit Of Rage, This Dad Has A Hilarious Solution

Ah yes, the door slam. Every teenager everywhere has used this age-old technique to emphasize their point of rage during an argument with a parent. It usually comes right after they get sent to their room.

There is something very satisfying about slamming a door, it was so much louder than any angry sound your squeaky teen aged voice could make. But then, there are the very tense moments of silence that follow after. In those moments, you know that your parents are thinking very carefully about what to do next. They make you sweat for a few minutes, you don't know what to expect - how much madder will they be?

Well, this dad's solution has the ultimate combination of fear factor and hilarious problem solving: he cuts the door in half.

The look of dejection on this kid's face is hilarious and to rub salt in the wound, his brother takes a picture, then shares it with the internet. Ah, sweet parental revenge! Hopefully father and son were able to resolve their differences - there are only so many doors in a house!

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