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She Didn't Wait For Her Dad's Permission, She Just Did What She Thought Was The Right Thing

She is just like any other little girl was having a meal with her dad, but what she does next makes him so proud.

When this dad and his daughter, Ella  sat down by the window to enjoy their steak and potatoes, she notices a homeless man sitting alone on the bench outside. She looks at him and says "can I just..." but then doesn't wait for his permission, and leaves the table. A few steps out, she becomes shy and turns around.

Her proud father supports her fully - "go, go, you've got this," he tells her. Although we can't hear the conversation she has with the homeless man, his reaction is priceless. This beautiful little girl with curly brown hair and a cat-ear headband hands him a full plate of steak and potatoes. He accepts the plate in disbelief and gently takes the cutlery from her hands. He seems to thank her and watch her walk back inside.

Once back at the table, she watches the man carefully eat the food - savoring each bite. When her father asks her how it made her feel, she smiles and gives him the sweetest answer.

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