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Where Are They Now? See What The Cast of Gilmore Girls Has Been Up To

In the wake of the Gilmore Girls Revival hitting screens in November, have you been wondering what your favourite Star's Hollow actors have been up to since the show finished airing in 2007? It's been almost 10 years since we have seen our favorite mother-daughter team on-screen as they addressed issues such as teen pregnancy, first loves, social classes, and gender bias. With the show coming back this fall, we can't help but wonder if they are going to just pick up where they left off or how they will catch us up in short order. Well these familiar faces have not been sitting ideally by since the show wrapped many years ago. Here are what some of the star of Star's Hollow have been up to:


Lauren Graham- Lorelei Gilmore

After putting down her coffee cup as the lead character in the Gilmore Girls, Lauren Graham went on to do movies including voice acting in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and from 2010-2015 was in the TV series Parenthood, where she played a single mom of 2 teenagers. I guess she didn't stray to far from Lorelei's character in the years that followed.

Alexis Bledel- Rory Gilmore

After the show finished up in 2007, the youngest Gilmore Girl could be found in various TV shows including ER, Mad Men, and Us & Them. She also starred in the movie Post-Grad, the Kate Logan Affair and Remember Sunday. This 35 year old actress has definitely been busy since Gilmore Girls has ended. We look forward to see what Rory has been up to all this time when the show airs.

Scott Patterson- Luke Danes

This beloved diner owner was a staple in Star's Hollow. Since he has hung up his baseball cap, you could find him in various TV series including Aliens in America, the 2010 version of 90210, and The Event. I think we are eagerly waiting to find out how things work out between Luke and Lorelei.

David Sutcliffe- Christopher Hayden

Lorelei's first love always brought something important on screen. Whether it be hope, tension or awkwardness, David Sutcliffe was essential to the cast. Since Gilmore Girls you could find him on the TV Series Private Practice, Accidentally on Purpose, Drop Dead Diva, Lie to Me, Cracked and so many more. This has been one busy guy!

Jared Padalecki- Dean Forester

It was hard not to fall in love with Rory's first boyfriend, and I am sure there are plenty of Team Dean fans out there. After leaving Gilmore Girls in 2005, he went on to do the TV series Supernatural where he and Jensen Ackles play brothers that fight all forms of monsters. The show is currently on it's 12th season. Well done, Dean!

Milo Ventimiglia - Jess Mariano

Bad boy Jess, never seemed to be able to make something of himself. Well Milo Ventimiglia had no problem doing just the opposite. Since his departure from Gilmore Girls in 2006 when Rory wouldn't leave Yale and run away with him, Milo can be found in TV Series including The Bedford Diaries, Heroes, Gotham, and the brand new talked about show This Is Us. He can also be found on the big screen in Wild Card, Tell, Grace of Monaco, Grown Ups 2 and Madtown. Let's see what Jess has in store of us during the Gilmore Girls vival. Time to get out those Team Jess flags now.

Matt Czuchry- Logan Huntzberger

Playboy and heir to the Huntzberger empire, brought the unexpected to Rory's seemly quiet life. Since the end of the show in 2007, Matt could be found in the TV Series Friday Night Lights and since 2009 on The Good Wife as a young lawyer. We all know Logan looks good all dressed up, so this seems a natural role for him. Let's start putting our Team Logan signs up for the Revival.

Kelly Bishop- Emily Gilmore

Kelly Bishop did a great job to bring some tension into the Gilmore house on more than one occasion. Since the show wrapped in 2007, Kelly could be found on various TV servies including Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Mercy, and joining Matt Czuchry on The Good Wife since 2010. Let's see how Emily Gilmore has or hasn't changed over the years in Hartford.

Edward Herrmann- Richard Gilmore

The voice of reason Richard Gilmore was the dad you wanted to confide in more times than one during the run on the show. Sadly, Edward Herrmann passed away at the age of 71 on New Year's Eve in 2014. He has a very prevalent list of work since Gilmore Girls including appearances on Law & Order,  How I Met Your Mother, The Good Wife and American Dad! We are saddened by the loss of a great actor, and are sure that they will pay proper tribute to the head of the Gilmore name.

Keiko Agena- Lane Kim

What would a Revival be without Rory's best friend and well-known Star's Hollow citizen Lane Kim. Whether Lane and Rory were listening to forbidden music in her bedroom, or Lane was having a shouting match with her mother, Keiko definitely brought some humor to the show. Since 2007, Keiko Agena could be found in various TV series including ER, Castle, House and many more. We can't wait to see where she ended up year's later on Gilmore Girls.

Sean Gunn- Kirk

Crazy Kirk seemed to be everywhere in Star's Hollow. From delivering mail to working at the video store, he was one of the characters that made you scratch your head at some of the strange things he did and said. Since the show finished in 2007, he could be found on many TV series including October Road, H+, Bones, and most notably in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy. Let's hope Kirk has found a way to get over those night terrors that had him streaking nude on several occasions on Gilmore Girls.

Melissa McCarthy- Sookie St. James

Who didn't love cute and crazy Sookie St. James? This character was definitely the breakout role for Melissa McCarthy, because after that she seemed to be everywhere. From movies including Bridesmaids, This is 40, Identity Thief, Spy and many more, this actress is taking over comedy on the big screen. She has also starred in the TV series Mike & Molly since 2010, so she has remained one busy lady since her departure as Lorelei's best friend and business partner.

Jackson Douglas- Jackson Belleville

The love of Sookie St. James, we always enjoyed their on-screen banter and love of their crafts. Whether he was sleeping with the zucchini or trying to pass off some vegetables that weren't up to Sookie's standard, there's now doubt why these two fell in love.  From 2001-2014 Jackson could be found on Family Guy as the voice of various characters.

Liza Weil- Paris Geller

Since the first day Rory walked in the doors of Chilton, Paris was there watching her every move. She once said how she needed Rory to push her, and that's exactly what they did for eachother. Since their competition ended in 2007, Liza could be found on many TV series including the current show How To Get Away with Murder from 2014. She could also be found on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and Bunheads. Hopefully Paris makes it in the Revival and we can follow this fast-talking panic-stricken friend.

The new season entitled Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is scheduled for 4 episodes available on Netflix on November 25. Each episode will be 90 minutes in length, twice the length of each original episode, and will represent one season in a year. Which means there will be a "Winter", "Spring", "Summer" and "Fall"episode, in that order.

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