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Which Of The 5 Personality Types Does Your Cat Have?

All cats are the same, aren't they? They're grumpy, they love to get into trouble, but they still like a little affection every once in a while.

Well, according to new research there are some important differences between each cat's personality, but they can all be split into five groups.

We can thank Dr. Lauren Finka at Lincoln University in England for this important scientific breakthrough. She "interviewed" more than 200 cats (and their owners), petted them, played with them, and even made them take a test, the L-CAT (Lincoln Cat Assessment Test).

What she discovered is there are 5 recognizable kinds of cats: Hunters, Humans, Cat's Cats, Cantankerous, and Inquisitive. See which category your pet fits into, so that you can understand them better.

The Hunter Cat

These cats are happiest when they're stalking and adventuring. They like to spend most of their time chewing their toys, roaming around your house and exploring their neighborhood. They're not unfriendly, but they're more interested in whatever catches their eye than other people or cats.

The Human Cat

Cats: they're just like us! Well, at least these ones are. "Human" cats love to share personal space with their owners. They like to be cuddled up on people's laps, be petted, and just be showered with love and affection whenever possible. This doesn't mean they like to cozy up with other cats, though.

Cat's Cat

These are cats that were raised around other cats, especially when they were very young. They follow each other around, playing, grooming and laying around together. A pair of these cats are good for people who work all day, because they'll keep each other occupied. Just be prepared if they prefer spending time with each other instead of you!

Cantankerous Cat

All cats wake up on the wrong side of the bed sometimes, but the cantankerous cat acts that way most of the time. Dr. Finka says they're not really upset, these cats just prefer to be on their own. Let them decide when it's playtime, instead of trying to make them socialize when they don't want to.

Inquisitive Cat

Everything just seems interesting to these cats. They'll sniff everything, climb on everything, and get right up close to every new person and cat they meet. This can get them into trouble, especially if you're too busy to look after them, but at least they're more sociable than the hunter cats are.

Which of these fits your cat best? Share this post with someone so they can find out more about their cat!

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