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Who Knew These Animals Were So Cute?

Nashville Zoo has a new baby tapir and it is shockingly cute. Tapirs are not the most notoriously adorable animal, but as a baby you can't deny it's amazingly cute! The Baird's Tapir is found mostly in Central America, South America and Southeastern Asia living in jungles and forests. Apparently they are related to horses, donkeys, zebras, and rhinos even though they look like tiny little pigs. Even though most baby animals are generally adorable, here are a few you might not think of when you picture cute babies.

Nashville Zoo's newest resident is quite the little cutie

Tapirs lose their white markings as they grow up, but for a little while at least they get to wear their stripes and spots as they snort around with their cute little noses.


Before they are stealing your french fries and squawking loudly at the beach, seagulls are actually just tiny little poof-balls

This thing couldn't steal your fry if he wanted to, it would  likely be twice his size. These little guys get about two weeks of parental bonding before they are sent out on their own.

This baby bison will melt your heart

He looks ready to prance off and make friends with all the other little babies.

Triple the cute - these baby emus look a lot different than the adults

Before these little guys grow into their legs, they stay with their dads for about a year before going off on their own to have their own families. Apparently the dad can be a bit over-protective and will chase off other emus including the chicks mother.

This spiky-haired little guy doesn't realize that people get nervous around him

The quills along it's back are coated with thick plates of keratin which helps them to become extra strong. I don't see why all those shampoo companies don't market their keratin treatments with this little guy.

Don't trust every Disney movie - Hyenas aren't all bad.

Look at that little tail! That little thing couldn't hurt a fly, not yet at least. Striped hyenas are born with their adult markings and is sort of like a little garbage man, cleaning up the messes left behind by other animals

Most people don't think reptile when they think of cute animals, but this guy isn't so bad is he?

This little chameleon is pretty adorable, and his skin will be able to act as an external mood ring. Chameleons are able to change color for camouflaging to their surroundings but it also can be used for signalling reactions to temperatures, social cues and other conditions.

Rhinos have had a rough time, but this one isn't letting it get him down!

He almost looks like he is smiling as he runs along with his tiny horn still growing in. Their horns are unique compared to other horned animals and consist only of keratin - Another candidate for those hair treatment commercials maybe? A rhino and a porcupine would make for an excellent team.


He probably doesn't even know that he is poisonous!

Don't trust that smile, pufferfish (or blowfish) are actually one of the most poisonous vertebrates in the world. Puffers have spines that can spike their predators when their elastic stomachs expand out.

Lazy little baby

Sloths only move when they absolutely have to... So they are essentially all of us. Their slow-mo life style lets them survive on leaves due to their low metabolic rates.


So now we have it: proof that all baby animals are cute!

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