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Who Made The Mess? Dogs Prove There's No Honor Among Thieves

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When you've got two dogs, they keep each other company, share food and toys, and help each other out of difficult situations. Not only are they best friends, but they tend to also become partners in crime. But when it comes to getting in trouble, friendship might go out the window.

That's what happened when a Chinese owner discovered her two dogs in a kitchen corner with a pile of ripped-up papers at their feet.

In the adorable video captured by the owner, a Samoyed and Golden Retriever sit side by side, looking expectantly at the woman.

People's Daily, China

"Which one of you made the mess?" she asks.

While the Retriever turns his head away, the Samoyed growls in a low murmur as if to say: "It was him!" and points his paw towards his friend.

People's Daily, China

"Was it him?" the owner asks.

The innocent dog makes a noise low in his throat and again points out the culprit. Just look at that smug face!

People's Daily, China

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