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Why Doesn't Grape Ice Cream Exist?

Picture this: it's a hot summer day and you're out with friends. You've been walking around for a couple hours and you decide to get ice cream. You walk in to the parlor and order a PB+J ice cream sandwich. How amazing would that be? Too bad it's not possible. Grape ice cream doesn't really exist and now we're about to find out why.

There's a ton of theories as to why grape ice cream hasn't become mainstream yet. Some even stretch so far as saying that Ben (from Ben and Jerry's) made a batch of grape ice cream for girl he liked, but then her dog ate it and died so he never made it again.

That sounds like a stretch, to say the least. But Sean Greenwood, the PR lead for Ben & Jerry's, recently spoke with Thrillist to set the record straight. He referred to the love-story-gone-wrong as "ice cream lore."

The main reason grape ice cream isn't produced at a commercial volume is due to water content. Grapes are around 83% water, which means once they are pureed at a large scale it creates ice chunks scattered throughout the ice cream. Great for Elsa, not great for us.

But aren't cherries also high water content? Cherry Garcia is one of the most popular flavors! Accoriding to Greenwood, cherry is still difficult to make, but because people have grown up with it and expect it, Ben & Jerry's still produces it, despite the difficulty.

Ben & Jerry's has apparently experimented with grape flavoring in the past, but it's never been really successful according to Greenwood. It's unlikely to see it on the shelves any time soon. But if crocodile egg ice cream can exist (which it does) then anything can happen.

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