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Why We Empathize More With Dogs Than People

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If you bawl your eyes out while watching Marley & Me, Hatchi, Old Yeller, or Lassie, but not as much in Titanic, Remember Me, or The Last Song, there's science to back up why you're like this.

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Researchers were inspired to find out why some people empathize more with dogs than older humans after a viral story about a pit bull mauling a 4-year-old boy back in 2014 turned controversial.

When the dog was threatened to be put down, people started a campaign for Mickey the dog, which garnered 40,000 likes. The page supporting the little boy who needed reconstructive surgery received approximately 500 likes.

A study published in the journal Society & Animals found that people empathize more with young children and dogs.

And researchers discovered why.

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