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Wife Thinks She's Getting Call From Her Soldier Husband, Turns Out He's Right Behind Her

Warning: this touching reunion at a football game is a big tackle right to your feelings, so don't watch unless you're ready to get a little blubbery.

Being away from your family for long stretches of time is to be expected when you're in the military, but being stuck halfway around the planet from your family at Christmas time is especially tough. That was the situation specialist Robert Hadden found himself in earlier this month, being stationed at Camp Stanley in South Korea.

His wife Samantha and their son Brexton were prepared to spend the holidays alone. They were happy just to receive a special game ball and a video message from Hadden at a Houston Texans football game, but Hadden had something even better planned...

"Actually, wait right there," what a great way to surprise your family!

You can tell Samantha was happy to see her husband, she almost drops little Brexton rushing to hug him.

Luckily this happy family was able to be together for Christmas!

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