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Family By Chance, Friends By Choice: Wild Cat Totally Loves His Raccoon Buddy

Ray Tamasovich and his family have been feeding feral animals for years, leaving piles of peanuts on the back porch for the feral kritters to eat.

One night, this adorable duo came onto the porch together. Realizing that it was a safe place to snack, they returned the next night, and every night since for four months.

"Both cat and raccoon are wild. They arrive together each night, eat, then leave together. This has been going on for 4 months before this video was made," said Ray Tamasovich.

Somehow this pair met and adopted eachother, possibly when the cat was young. It can be a lonely world, so whenever these two found each other, it's clear that they recognized a special bond with the other - they've been together ever since!

While his raccoon buddy chomps quietly on some peanuts, this cat gives his best friend all the love, lots and lots of love! See for yourself in this sweet video! Don't forget to Like & Share!

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