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Here's Why Winning "Price Is Right" Actually Sucks

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"It's...A NEW CAR!!"

Honestly, probably everyone's dream words when they were younger. You wanted nothing more than to be on The Price Is Right and hear Johnny Olsen or Rod Roddy say you got to play Plinko for a brand new car.

Not to shatter your dreams or anything, but winning a new car actually costs you THOUSANDS of dollars.

Price Is Right

According to Aurora De Lucia, a contestant on the show in 2013, her new car cost her more money than she could have imagined.

"I viewed [winning] as a great way to make money," she said. "But I was still excited to win a car because that seems like such a Price is Right thing that I'd dreamed of since I was a little girl."

After winning her car, De Lucia was rushed backstage to the "winners' room" where she had to sign a bunch of paperwork. She had to agree to paying all the sales tax on the car and agreed to not disclose the outcome of the show before it aired. If she did, all prizes won would be forfeited.

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