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This Young American Woman Is Auctioning Her Virginity To The Highest Bidder For The Sake Of Her Family

21-year-old Katherine Stone has made the decision to auction off her virginity. She is currently working at the Kit Kat Ranch, one of the legal brothels currently operating in Nevada, and taking bids for her virginity.

She is trying to raise money to help her family who lost their Seattle home to a fire back in 2014. They didn't have insurance for their house, so they are continuing to struggle with bills.

Her family went through hard times after the fire, even living in the burned-down house for a while. When Stone came across the story of a woman named Natalie Dylan, who auctioned off her virginity, she thought she might be able to do the same.  Stone contacted the man responsible for orchestrating the auction and sent him an email asking for his help. Dennis Hof received the email and he wanted to be able help her.

"I still didn't like it, that somebody's desperate to do something. I said, I'll do this with her but I don't want any of the money. Other articles are not saying that. I'm doing it to help this girl." - Dennis Hof, owner of the Kit Kat Ranch Brothel

Stone started to work at the brothel back in May. She began working in the restaurant on site, but has gradually increased her involvement on the ranch, offering massages and the 'girlfriend experiences' to clients. She splits the earnings 50-50 with Hof, while the auction is gathering it's bids.

"Over time, I've grown to understand how the sex industry works, how the brothel industry works. It really is about the experience. We provide people with companionship they're missing in life. ... It's more than just sex." - Katherine Stone

Stone interviewed with Lisa Ling in a story about the brothel. Comments varied from people defending her choice while others were condemning her for engaging in this behavior. She is not letting other people's opinions change her mind though, explaining that she has chosen the path she has and she doesn't regret it at all.

I had a very good upbringing. I was very lucky. My parents were pretty conservative. We all choose to go different ways, and I chose this path. I don't regret it at all, though. I've read people saying that I'm going to regret it later in life, but I honestly don't believe that." - Katherine Stone

Currently the highest bid for her virginity is at $400,000, but she gets to make the final decision before going through with it. She gets to make sure she is comfortable with the person regardless of the price.

What do you think, should she be able to auction off her virginity?

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