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Some Monster Abandoned A Cooler Full of Puppies

As if 2016 wasn't horrible enough, someone on this planet decided to abandon a cooler full of German Shepherd puppies.

I know. Despicable.

A passerby was driving down the road when she noticed a cooler on the side. It looked to be in decent shape, so the woman pulled over to see if she could use it at home.

When she opened the lid, she was in for a shock.

Inside the cooler were nine tiny German Shepherd puppies who needed help.

The puppies were covered in their own urine and feces, and were struggling for air. It was a hot Texas day and the lid had been completely shut.

The passerby called animal control and someone was called to rescue these precious pups.

When animal control showed up, they were worried about the health of the dogs. Would they all be okay? As each one was pulled from the cooler, it was a miracle. They were all healthy. Every. Single.  One.

Animal control says each puppy is thriving and will soon be up for adoption. Pretty good chance they'll go quickly. Just look at these faces!

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