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Woman Nearly Blinded By Eye Herpes Discovers It Was Just Christmas Card Glitter

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The 49-year-old woman (who remains unnamed) went to the Singleton Hospital's ophthalmology department complaining of a swollen eye, which was reddened, had a lesion on the cornea, and had lost most of its vision.


When doctors first examined her eye, they simply said that it had to be a herpes simplex infection, which might have been contracted from a partner. However, upon examining the woman's eye further, they noticed something was amiss.


Using a hand-held microscope, doctors found a shiny, almost microscopic surface on top of the lesion. Upon closer examination, it turned out to be a piece of glitter, which had formed into a clump that mimicked the symptoms of ocular herpes.


The woman reported that she had indeed gotten glitter in her eye while opening a Christmas card, but had thought that she had rubbed it out.

So there you have it, sending someone a glittery card might actually be dangerous to their health!

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