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Woman Fed Up With Election Vandalized Cars With An Unusual Weapon: Peanut Butter

This election is really starting to take its toll on people! Christina Ferguson from Amherst Junction, Wisconsin has had about as much as she could take of the crazy election news and aggressive behavior of some enthusiastic supporters. So when she found what she thought was a group of Donald Trump supporters, she decided to take a stand and protest them in the best way she could come up with: Putting peanut butter on their cars.

Ferguson allegedly stormed in on a club meeting on Monday night thinking they were a pro-Trump group and yelled at the members about her hatred for the presidential nominee. When they asked her to leave, she got mad and decided to to take her anger out with the "weapon" she had. Taking her family sized jar of creamy peanut butter Ferguson began spreading it all over many of the cars in the parking lot. The group came out and yelled at her to stop, which she did, but she walked into the apartment right next door.

Police were called and they found Ferguson in her apartment and once they were able to question her they found she had slurred speech and a "strong smell of intoxicants". Weirdly enough, the report makes sure to note that she was licking her fingers during the interview. Can't waste that all-natural peanut butter!


"Peanut butter is better than fire-bombing," - The report quotes Ferguson for saying this during the interview.

Ferguson claims that Trump supporters have been terrorizing her lately and she wanted a way to express her frustrations. She was charged with disorderly conduct for the 30 cars that she spread peanut butter on. The worst part about the whole thing was the group had NOTHING to do Trump. The group was actually the Tomorrow River Conservation Club. No cars were damaged in the "peanut-buttering" incident so really it didn't end up being a big deal and they can just go about their lives knowing that they will always have this as a great party story!

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