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Miracles Do Happen: Woman Frozen Solid For 6 Hours Makes Complete Recovery

It's hard to deny the existence of miracles when stories like this come up.

In December of 1980, Jean Hilliard was driving home when her car started skidding on an icy road in Minnesota. She was just 19 years old when she slid off the road and into a ditch. Hilliard was unhurt, so she got out of the car and started walking on a gravel road to get to someone who lived near by.

Hilliard underestimated the freezing temperatures (22 degrees below zero). She wasn't dressed for the weather and was walking against the wind, which ultimately caused her legs to freeze. Hilliard collapsed on the foot of her friend's driveway after walking 2 miles in the snow. It was around 1am when she collapsed, and she was there for six hours, too exhausted to move.

A reenactment of Jean Hilliard's collapse on "Enquetes Extraordinaire"Source

Hilliard's friend walked outside the next morning to find his friend lying in the snow, body completely frozen. She was taken to the hospital where doctors were unsure how to treat her. They thought she was dead until they heard faint breaths coming from her. She was completely frozen and unresponsive to any form of medical care. Her body was ice-like, not even able to be pierced for a needle. None of her joints moved, there was no way to take her temperature, and her eyes were unresponsive to light. All doctors could do was place warm packs around her and hope for the best.

Jean Hilliard was completely unresponsive to any medical treatments. Source

After four hours, at around 1pm, Jean Hilliard started making noises and asking for water. It was a miracle. Her mother had been holding her hand and praying the entire time, and it seems as though someone upstairs hear her pleas. It took some time, but Hilliard made a complete recovery. She spent 49 days in the hospital before being released, but Jean now leads a normal life.

Jean Hilliard made a miraculous recovery after being frozen for 6 hours in the snow. She is now completely healthy. Source

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