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A New Mother Was Heartbroken When Doctors Said One Of Her Babies Had Died, But The Ultrasound Revealed A Miracle 10 Days Later

Kate Hill, from Brisbane, Australia wanted a baby, but polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) made it difficult for her to conceive. PCOS is a hormonal condition that left her unable to ovulate. Doctors told her she'd never have children.

Kate was determined to have a child, so she started hormone injections to help boost her fertility. Defying the odds, Kate fell pregnant with twins NINE years after she started treatment.

The couple was elated! It seemed as though all their dreams had come true. But, tragedy struck again. Early in the pregnancy, one of the twins was lost to miscarriage.

The heartbroken parents were devastated by the loss, but counted themselves lucky to have one healthy child.

Then a second miracle happened. Amazingly, ten days later, a second baby was conceived.

The miracle is that the couple only had unprotected sex once. Peter's sperm stayed alive for 10 days and eventually met up with a second egg, which was released after the first baby began to form.

It's a rare occurrence known as superfetation: an additional fetus conceived days or weeks after the first.

What makes this so rare? According to Dr Bryan Jick,  there are a three near-impossible things that must be overcome:

  1. Ovulation must occur while a woman is already pregnant.
  2. Sperm must somehow make it past the mucus plug.
  3. Implantation must occur in a uterus that is no longer prepared for it.

Miraculously, all three happened for Kate and Peter!

Look at these sweet angels!

Their beautiful daughters were born on the same day, because but one baby is technically "older" than the other in developmental milestones by about 10 days.

Considered as non-identical twins at birth, the girls measured very differently in size, weight and gestational development. Interestingly, they've also got different blood types.

"We actually did not realize how special that was until they were born," Mrs Hill told Today Tonight.

Now, 10 months old, little Charlotte and Olivia are healthy, happy babies. When they get older, they'll have one heck of an origin story to tell their friends!

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