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She Thought She Was In Trouble, But She Was Actually Being Rewarded For Making The Right Choice

So often you hear about people doing the wrong thing and getting into trouble, but every once and a while someone makes a good choice and they get rewarded. Paula Schultz recently went to a restaurant called Original Joe's in her town in Alberta, Canada for dinner had a few too many drinks so she decided to take an Uber home and come pick up her car the next day. When she returned, there was a piece of paper attached to her car but it wasn't a ticket.

Schultz left her car in the parking lot overnight and when she saw a piece of paper attached to her windshield she assumed she was in trouble. She shared the post on Facebook and it went viral. People were impressed by her responsible decision as well as the company's decision to reward the smart choice.

The restaurant offered a voucher for free wings to thank her for not drinking and driving. The manager of the restaurant explained that this isn't the first time he had done this. It has actually been something he started doing about a year and a half ago when he realized that because there weren't a lot of transit options in the rural neighborhood.

"I just thought operating a restaurant in a rural type area like Sherwood Park where transit is minimal and a lot of people drive, I just thought it was the perfect match," Jay Mclean - Manager at Original Joe's

People shared the post over social media, congratulating both the woman and the company for doing the right thing. Some even suggested that if  other companies advertise this policy, they might save a lot of lives!

Hopefully this will start a trend of restaurants and bars offering parking options for their patrons so we don't have to worry about people drinking and driving!

Even actor Shemar Moore thinks she made the right choice!

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