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Clean Up At Register 11! Woman Gives Birth At A Walmart Checkout

It might not be wise to leave the baby shopping to the last minute otherwise you might end up like this woman. She went for a little shopping trip with her husband and family on Sunday and she started to feel a little bit sick. While she was at the checkout trying to pay for her items, she went into labor. The manager called 911 but the woman seemed to be in denial a little bit, continuing to try to pay for her items.

The manager Dustin Haight told KSTU-TV that the woman was insistent on paying even though she was obviously in distress.

"The funny thing is that the customer was down on her knees and she insisted on paying for her merchandise and we're like, 'You know that's just not important.' You know, we were going to take care of her on it," -Dustin Haight

EMTs were on the way, but it all happened so quickly.

"By the time the EMTs got here she had paid for her merchandise and had a baby. In about 15 minutes we went from having a little bit of stomach problem to delivering a baby." - Dustin Haight

The EMT who was on site had never seen something like this happen. He had seen people give birth at home, but never in such a public place. He was impressed how everyone handled the situation.

Walmart is going to send the happy family a "bunch of goods like diapers and formula" according to the manager, and they have been in contact with the family to make sure everyone was healthy and doing well.

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