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Woman Injured By Bath and Body Works Candle In Freak Accident

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Scented candles are perfect for making your home smell great and creating an ambience, but they can also be a dangerous in many ways. The open flame is a potential fire hazard and the soot can cause health complications, but it's rare that a candle causes facial burns.

Unfortunately, 29-year-old Ashley Brawley learned about this in the most painful way.


On July 23, the Texas mom lit a Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel Candle to fill her home with the fragrance, but little did she know that just a few hours later this would land her in the hospital.

Bath and Body Works

About three and a half hours after lighting the three wick candle, Ashley smelled something burning in her living room. She discovered the candle's flames were burning higher than usual - about 5 or 6 inches above the jar top. So as most of us would do, she proceeded to blow out the candle, but instead of turning off, "a huge flame engulfed her face and hot waxed splashed all over her face," Cody Brawley, Ashley's husband wrote on Facebook.

In the video of the incident, Ashley can be heard screaming for her husband before running out of frame. Apparently, when she looked into the mirror her face had turned reddish-purple, the left side of her nose was badly burned and her lips were white.

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