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Woman Spends $25,000 To Become A Human Barbie

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Most girls, even if they considered themselves as tomboys, owned a small Barbie doll collection while growing up. While a lot of young girls saw the popular doll as an outlet for creativity by dressing it up and styling it's hair (more like chopping), a few aspired to be like Barbie when they grow up.

Rachel Evans is among those girls who desperately wanted to look like the doll. After a series of unfortunate events in her life, she took the first step towards transforming her physical appearance to mirror Barbie.

The 46-year-old single mother from London, U.K began her journey towards becoming a living doll about 11 years ago after suffering from bouts of depression triggered by the loss of one of her sons at birth and a broken relationship. A grieving Rachel also battled anorexia and at one point weighed under 100 pounds.  

“After that traumatic time, I was a broken woman and it showed,” explained Rachel.


During difficult times Rachel found solace in Barbie and it wasn't long after that the once average mom with Gothic black hair turned to plastic surgery so she could model her appearance after the beloved doll.

“When I was 30, the reason why I started the quest to look like Barbie was I needed to kill off the gothic image, the old image. And I had this idea to look like a completely different person,” Rachel said in an interview.

Rachel has already spent over $25,000 for multiple reconstructive procedures including breast and cheek augmentation, face fillers, contouring, jaw tightening, and a nose job.

She also goes to the gym 5 times a week, runs 8 miles a day and lives on rice, chicken and tuna to maintain her tiny Barbie-like figure.

"I feel like Barbie, I think like Barbie and I am Barbie. I think me and Barbie are the same person. I am a human doll," she told Daily Mail.

The mom of one now works as a model and media personality thanks to her new brow-raising look. Click on the next page to see what Rachel looks like dressed up as Barbie.

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