Woman Wanted By Police Requests Different Mug Shot Posted on Facebook

Unflattering pictures are the worst. Just ask the guy who tried to destroy the entire internet to avoid pictures of him dancing being posted.

But I don't really think the police take direct requests on what mug shots they post. Especially if you're currently on the run.

Guess no one told that to 18-year-old Amy Smart, who felt the picture chosen by Surrey Hills Corrective Services was not her best. She didn't keep her opinion to herself, either. She let them know on Facebook how displeased she was.

And because the internet is a magical place where everyone can see what you post, the police used Amy's comment to track her down, releasing this statement:

"Amy Sharp was arrested just after midnight. Found by police in Wentworth Park. Local police assisted by the Police Order & Riot Squad. Expected to be charged today. "

No word on if she was allowed to use the Snapchat dog filter in the new mugshot.

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