Good Samaritan With Gun Saves Life Of A Mother Being Attacked

In what could have been a much more devastating situation, a mother is now at home recovering after being attacked in a Walmart parking lot.

In Kansas City, the new mom was putting her infant in its car seat when two men she didn't approached her car and struck her on the head. A man in his car saw the attack and came over to help, but was shot multiple times by the attackers.

That's when a second Good Samaritan got out of his car and used his personal gun to shoot one of the attackers dead. The second attacker ran away before he could do anymore harm to the mother.

The mother and the first Good Samaritan were both taken to hospital in critical condition. The woman was released and is resting at home, while the man is still in hospital where he had surgery to repair his injuries. Police are still looking for the second attacker, but are confident they will find him.

The incredible story does raise some questions on gun control. While some people are still against normal citizens carrying weapons, a lot of people believe this is a perfect example of why open carry is a good thing. Had that second Good Samaritan not had a gun then who knows how many people could have died that day?

What do you think? Was this just a random happy-ending, or should people be allowed to carry guns?

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