Woman's "Husband-Proof" Grocery List Goes Viral, And People Have Some Strong Reactions

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The 29-year-old wife shared her husband's list on Twitter, with the caption: "This is the task I gave to my hubby last weekend!"

The two-page list included mini drawings of the ideal vegetables to pick up.

Era advised her husband how to pick the right size and shaped onions, tomatoes, and potatoes.

She specifies for Gaurav to pick "some yellow and some red" tomatoes and "some small size" onions that are "round in shape".

When explaining the type of potato she needs, she indicated potatoes that have "no eyes or green colors" and also included drawings of the ideal size.

Her specifications continue when she asks for palak (spinich) with "good leaves, no holes" and mirchi (chillies) that are "dark green, long and straight".

Era wasn't expecting to get as much reaction from her post as she did.

''The response has overwhelmed me. Truly humbled by the attention to be honest," Era later tweeted.

"Looking at the reactions on social media. I've noticed that most married women globally are able to relate to this," Era says. "Even kids can relate to when their mothers tell them to go and get something from the market and gives similar instructions."

She adds that men usually have a "good laugh over the list, but a few found it condescending.

"Cute idea. My husband always forgets something and comes back with things I didn’t even ask for. Lol," one Twitter user commented.

"You deserve noble prize for peace!! 30% of the fights between married couples are over 'picking incorrect vegetable'," said another.

"It takes a certain type of person to take a dreary shopping list & fill it with love," tweeted another.

She even posted a follow-up to her initial list

What do you think of the amount of detail she went into? Is it necessary or demeaning?

Share your feelings with us in the comments.

Source: Daily Mail

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