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Wonder Woman" Opens Up About The Death Of Her Friend, Paul Walker

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Almost four years since his death, it's still hard to believe that Paul Walker passed away just after his 40th birthday.

We aren't alone in our disbelief. The sudden shock of the tragic car accident that took the Fast and the Furious actor's life in November 2013 rocked Hollywood and his fans across America.

Wonder Woman star, Gal Gadot, worked alongside Paul Walker during three of the Fast and Furious films and has admitted that she still hasn't processed his death 4 years later.

Gadot played Gisele Yashar in the fourth movie, and appeared in the two subsequent sequels. She was killed off in the sixth installment of the franchise, so including her in Furious 7 didn't make sense.  

“I wasn’t in touch with him in between projects, so it was one movie, and then I know that I’m going to see him in the next one, etc. etc,” she said. “And I was living in Israel. So for me, I still don’t realize that he died because if there’s going to be another movie, some part of me thinks that I’m going to see Paul, because that’s just the way that it is for me.”

The two had a close bond on and off screen and she was instantly attracted to his great smile and charm.

“I loved Paul and I adored him from the very first moment that I met him because he was so grounded and down to Earth and the cutest, coolest dude,” she said. “And so real as well.”

She posted a touching tribute on Facebook after his passing that sums up her disbelief in his death.

Lost a dear friend today. So sudden and tragic .. Hard to believe.. Paul was a great man with a big heart and passion...

Posted by Gal Gadot on Saturday, November 30, 2013

Paul left behind a daughter, Meadow, who is now 18 and while she has been quiet, she has been doing some amazing things.

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