The Wonder Woman Trailer is Finally Here!

A Wonder Woman movie is something comic-loving audiences have long pined for in this golden era of seemingly endless superhero films, reboots, sequels, universes, and TV shows. A feature-length adaptation of Diana Prince's story has been in the works off and on for two decades (yikes!). After Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman stole the show in Batman V Superman, fans let themselves believe they'd finally get to see Wonder Woman on the big screen in her own movie. Now the wait is over and we finally have a trailer for the Wonder Woman movie, the latest installment of the DC Extended Universe.

And it looks...pretty spectacular.


Gal Gadot reprises her role from Batman v Superman, taking the lead in the World War I-set origin story of Diana Prince. We don't know much about the exact plot yet, but it seems that Diana, the demi-god daughter of Queen Hippolyta, discovers a man, Steve Trevor (played by Star Trek's Chris Pine), washed up on the beach.

From him she learns of the earth-shattering conflict going on in the world beyond her isolated, all-female society. Ultimately she chooses to leave everything she's ever known to go with him and help end the war by being a superhero. Because why wouldn't you?


Expectations are sky-high for this movie, and based on the reaction to the trailer, which was released at San Diego Comic Con this past weekend, everyone is crazy excited to finally see the Amazonian hero we deserve.

Wonder Woman is directed by Patty Jenkins (of Monster fame) and is set to be released on June 2, 2017. It's going to be hard to wait that long, but in the meantime, at least we can watch the trailer on repeat. Check it out below (you can thank me later).

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