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World War II Veteran Receives 'Something He's Always Wanted And Deserved'

War veterans give up so much of their lives for our safety, but often times we overlook the sacrifices they make in their early lives instead of just after the war.

George Fricovsky, Sr is a 90 year old World War II veteran who dropped out of high school in order to serve in the war. Now, over 70 years later, he is finally receiving what he's always wanted: his high school diploma.

Fricovsky left high school in 1944 at age 17. In 1945, he was wounded in battle by a hand grenade thrown by German soldiers. He laid in pain for 11 hours before he was finally brought to the hospital. He was honorably discharged and awarded with a Purple Heart. Not a day goes by, however, when he doesn't think about his lack of diploma.

"Over the years, my grandfather would occasionally mention feeling unaccomplished because he never got to get his diploma," grandson David Walsh said. "It was always a passing conversation, but graduation season this past May triggered something in me to approach the school board and do something about it."

Luckily for Walsh, he is the vice president at a local high school and was able to arrange a surprise ceremony for his grandfather. Walsh brought his grandfather to a school board meeting under the impression he would be leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Instead, immediately after, Walsh surprised his grandfather with a framed high school diploma.

David Walsh hands his grandfather, war veteran George Fricovsky, his high school diploma over 70 years later. Yahoo! Images

"Pop was in tears, straight tears," Walsh told ABC News. "It was something that he's always wanted, something he always deserved. I'm just so happy we were able to do this for him," Walsh said. "He's an amazing grandfather who's always looking to get a smile out of somebody. He's worked hard for everything he's got, and he deserved this piece of paper."

Take a look at the video. Fricovksy is definitely moved by the presentation.

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