Army Is Considering Bringing Back Their World War II Uniforms

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Being in the military is a sign of courage, maturity, and class. Only the brave can serve their country. They're immediately recognizable in their uniforms, and people know when to give their respects.

What the military is not, is a fashion show. There has never been a time when people have complained about uniforms, because that's not what it's about. As long as our men and women can safely and effectively serve, who cares what the outfits look like.

But now, the military is trying to dig its heels into the latest trend, going retro. They are proposing to bring back their World War II era dress uniforms, the "pinks and greens."

“That was the uniform of the ‘Greatest Generation.’ There was a lot of prestige and honor associated with that. The American public identified with that uniform,” Sergeant Major of the Army Dan Dailey told the Army Times. “We think that is more appropriate than trying to create something new.”

So what exactly will these new uniforms look like?

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